Health Alert: Limited American Citizen Services Available

To U.S. citizens in Portugal

The American Citizen Services Unit is providing limited passport services and emergency assistance to U.S. citizens visiting or residing in Portugal.

Limited U.S. passport services are being offered by appointment only. Applications for normal renewals should be mailed. For more information visit passport services.

Please note that passport production in the United States has been suspended. Delivery of your passport may be significantly delayed.  However, we can provide a temporary, emergency passport for imminent travel or emergent situations.

In an emergency involving a U.S. citizen, contact the U.S. Embassy during business hours at: and after business hours at: (+351) 21-727-3300.

If you are in the Azores, please contact the U.S. Consulate in Ponta Delgada

Only for U.S. citizens who have departed Portugal and have no intention to return:

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