Ambassador Robert Sherman Discusses Energy Security in Portugal

Ambassador Sherman delivers his speech. (Photo: US Embassy)
Ambassador Sherman delivers his speech.

U.S. Ambassador Robert Sherman participated in the “Economic Development and Energy Security: strategic challenges” conference organized by the Luso-American Development Foundation (FLAD), during which he noted that Europe’s dependence on natural gas from Russia is a threat to the European Union’s energy security: “As we know, Russia used the supply of oil and natural gas as a tool for regional influence. Europe is not safe while its member states depend on a single source of fuel and a pipeline to warm homes.” As a result, Ambassador Sherman asserted that there should be a greater diversity in energy sources and that “the creation of a single market is the best way for Europe to guarantee its energy security.” He believes that Portugal could help to increase stability in this sector: “Portugal, through renewable energies and the LNG terminal in Sines, can assume an important role.” “The sun in Portugal can light streets in Germany, the wind farms in Denmark can charge electric cars in Spain, and maybe in the near future, U.S. gas can warm homes in Europe,” he added.