Ambassador Sherman’s Visit to Marinha Grande

At Marinha Grande city hall. (Photo: US Embassy)
At Marinha Grande city hall.

Ambassador Robert Sherman visited on March 30 Moldiject’s facilities and factory. Moldiject and its owner Salomé Trigo are members of the Embassy’s Connect to Success program and are currently participating in the Corporate Mentoring Program, being mentored by Siemens Ambassador Sherman visited as part of a trip to Marinha Grande to highlighted how TTIP will benefit precision mold companies like Moldiject, since it will make it easier and more cost efficient for U.S. companies to import molds from Portugal by matching product regulations between the US and EU.

Moldiject specializes in manufacturing complex molds and high precision steel with expertise in technology. They have a partnership with Cardioid, with the purpose of expanding into the health tech field. Moldiject will provide the molds in which Cardioid’s technology will be incorporated. NATO has showed an interest in this type of technology, since it can be embedded in military devices and vehicles (for instance to identify the correct driver).

On this trip the ambassador also visited “Esculpir o Aço” (“Sculpture in Steel”) exhibit, Centimfe – Technological Center of the Molds Industry, Ribermold – Molds, and Vangest – Engineering based in Marinha Grande.

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