U.S. Ambassador and Kim Sawyer Visit the Azores

Ambassador Sherman at the University of the Azores. (Photo: US Consulate Azores)
Ambassador Sherman at the University of the Azores.

Ambassador Sherman and his wife Kim Sawyer decided to celebrate their wedding anniversary in the Azores. While on Terceira they met with the Mayors of Praia and Angra do Heroísmo, Roberto Monteiro e José Álamo de Meneses respectively, where they discussed the business incubators in both cities. While in Terceira, they visited the Angra do Heroísmo campus of the Azores University, where they visited the American Corner and met with students, faculty and staff. They also participated in the awards ceremony for participants in the Embassy sponsored Get Ready for Business program, which was organized by the University. Get Ready for Business offered the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial skills and expand professional networks. The Ambassador also visited the Santo Espírito da Ilha Terceira Hospital Dr. João Soares, Regional Director for Health.

The next day, Ambassador Sherman and Kim Sawyer continued to São Miguel island. There the Ambassador visited the fish market with Lotaçor President Cintia Machado as well as the Nonagon business incubator. Kim Sawyer met with Azorean women entrepreneurs to discuss the challenges and opportunities they face on the islands. The Ambassador and his wife visited the Ponta Delgada campus of the University of the Azores, where they again spoke to participants in the Get Ready for Business program about the value of entrepreneurship and again presented awards. The Ambassador also met with individuals who participated in the Embassy sponsored exchange program on Farm to Table economies. These local business people had gone to the U.S. in January to explore new practices in the area of culinary and cultural promotion.

To round out their visit the Ambassador visited the only synagogue on the islands to see the continued progress in the restoration and development of the space and Kim Saywer visited the the botanic gardens in Furnas, and the Gorreana tea plantation and factory, an example of a successful Azorean business.

Pictures of the trip available at: http://ow.ly/10xdU4