Public Affairs Officer celebrates Black History Month in Santarém

Public Affairs Officer presentation in Santarem school

On February 16, 2018 Public Affairs Officer, Todd Miyahira together with the Educational Adviser, Ricardo Sequeira and American Public Affairs Intern, Russel Choules, spoke at Dr. Ginestal Machado high school to a group of 11th graders, about multiculturalism in the USA  and opportunities to study in the U.S.   The speakers addressed the value and importance of Black History Month, as honors the struggles and triumphs of millions of American citizens over the most devastating obstacles, such as slavery, prejudice, poverty as well as their contributions to the nation’s cultural and political life. The Study in the USA presentation motivated the 11th graders to learn about the U.S. Universities and the life in campus, particularly the opportunities offered by Fulbright, such as the Competitive College Club program which helps assisting highly qualified students to apply to US Universities and Colleges.