Casa Carlucci Gardens

On Saturday, July 18th, Embassy Lisbon launched a virtual tour of the Casa Carlucci Gardens (located at the U.S. Ambassador’s residence) guided by Ambassador and Mrs. Glass, as part of the city of Lisbon Jardins Abertos (Open Gardens) festival.  Jardins Abertos, a collaborative effort with the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, brings together professionals working in gardening, landscaping, culture, and sustainability during a festival where Lisbon’s most iconic gardens open their gates to the public in-person, all for free.  In 2019, the festival had more than 25,000 participants in both seasons, and Ambassador and Mrs. Glass provided guided tours of the residence gardens.  The 2020 edition of Jardins Abertos (Open Gardens), which due to COVID-19 was completely virtual, was included in Lisbon’s European Green Capital programming.  This environmentally-focused, public outreach reinforces Post’s commitment to environmental cooperation and cultural engagement, while highlighting our shared values of community and sustainability.