Secretary Tillerson’s Welcome Remarks to State Department Employees

SECRETARY TILLERSON: Well, good morning, all. We apologize for being late. It seemed that this year’s prayer breakfast, people felt the need to pray a little longer. (Laughter.) But I certainly welcomed them all, so – thank you for such a warm reception. And it’s a pleasure to be here, obviously. I’ve been anxious to be here, and I’m so

Ambassador Robert Sherman’s Economic Capstone Remarks

Boa tarde a todos. Good afternoon to everyone. Anne, Mariana, Sofia, Antonio, thank you so much for the very poignant and overly generous introduction.  It’s proof of what I’ve learned the last three-years — there are no more kinder, warmer, or sweeter people, anywhere on the face of the Earth, than here in Portugal.  And I want you to know

The U.S.-Portugal Relationship: Past, Present, and Future

Good afternoon! Thank you for the introduction, President Nuno Botelho, and thank you very much to the Commercial Association of Porto for hosting this wonderful event. It is a pleasure to be back in the beautiful Porto region, truly one of my favorite places in Portugal. For the past nearly three years, it has been my honor to represent President

Portugal and the United States: Partners for a Changing World

Muito obrigado, Pedro, for your kind introduction. My heartfelt appreciation as well to the audience who braved Lisbon winter weather to be with us today for this important event. Although, being from Boston, I can tell you, any winter where you can still play golf is not a real winter! I would like to extend a very special thanks to

National Geographic Channel: Launch of MARS Series

Boa tarde a todos! I am so excited to be co-hosting this event with the National Geographic Channel to celebrate the launch of their innovative new series MARS.  Thanks to Vera Pinto Pereira Senior Vice President of Fox/National Geographic, Iberia and your whole team for being such a great partner and working with us on tonight’s event.  I also want

U.S. Cyber Policy – Now and Moving Forward

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, and a warm Bem-Vindos a Lisboa! I’m Robert Sherman, the U.S. Ambassador to Portugal, and it is truly a pleasure to be with you all this morning as you begin the three-day Secure Logistics Through Cyber workshop and summit. Please allow me to begin by offering my warmest gratitude to a few people: A sincere

Opening of the Queer Film Festival and Premier of the play Orlando

Boa noite a todos.  I would like to thank Queer Film Festival director João Ferreira, and playwright André Murraças for the invitation to speak after this beautiful and emotional tribute to the 49 individuals killed in the June 12 massacre in Orlando. I was in my hometown of Boston when I heard about the horrific attack in Florida which left

Independence Day Celebration

Good evening. Boa tarde. Ministro Mário Centeno, Ministro Manuel Caldeira Cabral, e outros membros do Governo Português; Membros das Forças Armadas de Portugal; Deputados da Assembleia da República; Fellow Ambassadors and Members of the Diplomatic Community; Representatives of Strike Force NATO, and members of the U.S. Military; Commander Stefan Walch and the leadership team of the USS Gonzalez; Colleagues from

LGBTI Flag-Raising Ceremony

(remarks delivered by PAO Mark Pannell) Friends and colleagues, Bem-vindos à Embaixada dos Estados Unidos da América. Unfortunately, the Ambassador’s return flight was canceled and is unable to be here today. He passes his sincere regrets for not being here to participate personally at such an important event and wishes us all the best on this important day. We wanted

Ambassador Sherman at Texas-EU Business Summit 2016

Thank you for that kind introduction, Marco (Bravo). I would also like to thank the organizers of the Texas-EU Business Summit for putting together such an excellent program. As a Bostonian, I am well aware of the Boston/Austin connection first established in 1960 when John Kennedy named Lyndon Johnson as his running mate at the 1960 Democratic Convention. Although you

Reception at Marinha Grande City Hall

Mayor Paulo Vicente, it is an honor to be here with you and the leadership of Marinha Grande here in the heartland of Portugal. And I understand it is thanks in no small part to this region that I am here today as U.S. Ambassador, as timber from your forests formed the caravels of the Age of Discoveries. As you

Luncheon Remarks in Marinha Grande

Mayor Paulo Vicente, it is an honor to be here with you and the leadership of Marinha Grande here in the heartland of Portugal. And I understand it is thanks in no small part to this region that I am here today as U.S. Ambassador, as timber from your forests formed the caravels of the Age of Discoveries. Thank you,

Seminar: “Portugal, NATO and the New Arc of Crisis”

Thank you Nuno Teixeira and the team at IPRI for partnership and for the coordination in putting together this seminar. Also thank you to our friends and partners at FLAD for hosting the seminar. Thank you Admiral McAlpine, my new friend, for accepting the invitation to be our keynote speaker today. And if I can improve my short game, and

Fourth of July Celebration

Good evening. Colleagues from the United States Embassy; Members of the Portuguese Government; Members of the Portuguese Armed Forces; Deputies of the National Assembly; Fellow Ambassadors and Members of the Diplomatic Community; Members of Strike Force NATO, and the U.S. Military; Commanding Officer of the USS Fort McHenry and the Commander of the embarked Marines; and Our Portuguese and American

Pride Flag Raising Ceremony

Thank you for joining me here to celebrate Pride Month! In his June 1st proclamation, President Obama reiterated the U.S. commitment to ensuring equal rights for members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community throughout the world. We are not truly equal until every person is afforded the same rights and opportunities — that when one of us

Transparency International Chapter of Portugal

At ICS, University of Lisbon Thank you for your kind introduction, Professor Costa Pinto. I would also like to thank Professor Costa Lobo and everyone at the Institute of Social Sciences here at the University of Lisbon for organizing this event. Let me also thank Professor Luis de Sousa of Transparency International and the University of Aveiro. In addition, I

Independence Day Remarks

Bem-vindos e boa noite. Welcome and good evening. Members of the Portuguese government Members of the Portuguese Armed Forces Deputies of the National Assembly Fellow Ambassadors and Members of the Diplomatic Community Colleagues from the United States Embassy and the US Military; and Our Portuguese and American Friends: Kim and I are thrilled to be here in Portugal, on this

American Club Lunch

Anne, thank you for your introduction. Before I begin, I want to acknowledge the President of the American Club of Lisbon, John Scott Johnson, the President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Portugal, José Joaquim Oliveira, and the President of the Portuguese American Friendship Association, Antonio Neto da Silva. I want to thank you all for collecting this group

Estoril Political Forum – George Washington Memorial Luncheon

Admiral Nuno Vieira Matias and Executive Director Anne Taylor –muito obrigado to both of you! Thank you very much for the gracious invitation to speak at today’s George Washington Memorial Luncheon. It’s befitting that today’s luncheon is named after our first President, an American general who led my country’s revolution. It is fitting because our revolution also marks the beginning

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