Communicating Science to Youth Speaker: Kakalios in Azores and Madeira

Prof. James Kakalios (Photo: US Embassy Lisbon)The islands of Azores and Madeira welcomed physics professor and renowned speaker James Kakalios for a series of talks on the physics of superheroes. Currently based at the School of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Minnesota where his research focuses on properties of disordered systems, Kakalios is best known for his popular lecture series in which he analyzes the physics behind comic book superheroes. These presentations, along with Kakalios’ critically acclaimed books The Physics of Superheroes and The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics, have turned Kakalios into a popular figure on the lecture circuit and a consultant for science-based Hollywood films.

During his stay in the Azores and Madeira, James Kakalios spoke to school and university students, teachers and professors at different venues, who equally appreciated his humorous take on the raw mechanics behind the supernatural powers of our favorite superheroes.