David Brumley on the Future of Cyber-Autonomy

David Brumley with students from Minho University

In light of the Cyber Security Awareness Month, the Embassy brought to Portugal Dr. David Brumley for a series of lectures on “The Future of Cyber-autonomy.”  Dr. David Brumley is a full professor at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and the CEO and co-founder of ForAllSecure, a company creating cybersecurity tools that automatically find and fix software vulnerabilities.  An expert in security and adaptive learning technology, Dr. Brumley also directs CyLab, CMU’s security and privacy research institute, and serves as the faculty mentor for the Hacking Team.

During the week-long program, Dr. Brumley engaged with government officials, students of the Naval Academy and Military school, university students, professors and researchers, as well business leaders to promote greater awareness and cooperation between Portugal and the United States is the area of cyber security. In Professor David Brumley’s words “Cybersecurity is now one of the key issues not only for businesses and governments, but also for ordinary people.”