DCM Travels to the North of Portugal

DCM Herro Mustafa talks with students at Aveiro University

On December 12 and 13, the Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM) Herro Mustafa traveled to the North of Portugal for a series of engagements. As part of the program, the DCM gave a talk at the secondary school of Povoa de Lanhoso for 11th graders on “The Refugees in the current multicultural world”.  Ms. Mustafa explained her life story as a Muslim-Kurdish refugee who moved to the United States as a child with her family and grew up as an American.  She also highlighted the challenges that her family faced, and their efforts to adapt to a new culture, always keeping in mind the importance of education.  Ms. Mustafa also described her career as part of the Foreign Service.

As part of this trip, the DCM jointly reopened the American Corner at the University of Aveiro library with university Rector Manuel Assunção and the Pro-Rector Filipe Teles.  The American Corner is located in the university library, an architectural gem designed by Pritzker Award winning architect Siza Vieira.  The re-launched Corner now provides students free access to brand new computers, design software, 3D printers and scanners, as well as other multimedia equipment and is a concrete example of our growing relationship with the University.

Following the opening of the American Corner, Ms. Mustafa spoke to students, professors and researchers about her life story and the challenges that a diplomat faces.