American Corners

What is the American Corners program?

The American Corners program, which is managed by the Department of State through Embassy Lisbon, is a highly successful project. It exists in 405 locations where U.S. Embassies and local institutions have joined together to create areas where visitors can find information about the U.S. and world events.

The partnership with local institutions helps to support university-level education and research activities, particularly by means of new technologies, by providing printed publications, subscriptions to scientific databases (via Virtual Library project – eLibraryUSA) that will provide privileged access to a wealth of on-line information, and programs that bring American experts to the Portuguese universities.

The American Corner provides a new venue in which to build lively, continuous contact between the Embassy and the University. For example, by promoting Digital Video Conferences with academics, professionals and different officials on various topics, that will serve to foster dialogue and linkages between the countries.

Presently, we have a network of American Corners in such prestigious institutions as: