Strategies and Tools for Developing NIH Grant Proposals

Resources (PDF 85 KB) to help you to write a successful application: Writing a proposal is very challenging and there are several resources to help you to write a successful application including:

  • Strategies to prepare your application
  • The NIH Center for Scientific Review (which manages the award review process) provides information on planning, writing, and submitting grant proposals.  It is essential to understand the review perspectives and criteria (PDF 305 KB) when writing the application.
  • The Specific Aims section is probably the most vital part of any NIH grant application,  there are several suggestions on writing (PDF 777 KB) effective (PDF 342 KB) specific aims.
  • Preliminary results are an essential and critical element for most NIH funding mechanisms.  Even in mechanisms such as R21 which do not require preliminary results, they are useful.
  • Including a cover letter can help direct your application to the most appropriate study section and program.