Strategies and Tools for Developing Research Collaboration with U.S. Scientists

Many NIH funding opportunities are open to foreign scientists under NIH policies. Foreign applicants can apply as Principle Investigators (PIs) for “Foreign Grants” or as collaborators with U.S. Scientists under the “Domestic Grants with Foreign Components” category, wherein the funding is shared with the U.S. partner.  Applications in the latter category typically enjoy a higher funding success rate.

In addition to utilizing your personal and professional connections made at conference, two NIH tools- RePORT and PubMed- can be utilized to identify potential collaborators.

NIH Research Portfolio Online Reporting Tools (RePORT)

  1. RePORT can be used to identify potential NIH-funded collaborators. Use the RePORT “TEXT SEARCH” function to identify funded grants on specific topics or keywords. Results include links to the grant’s abstract, PI name, and Awardee Organization.
  2. RePORT function “similar” can be used to identify similar projects within your search results
  3. The RePORT “matchmaker” tool identifies similar projects based on text entered and provides information regarding these grants.
  4. RePORT search can also be used to narrow the list of potential collaborators to specific U.S. states or other countries.

NIH PubMed also can be used to identify potential NIH-funded collaborators:

  1. Including the term NIH[gr] in the search limits the search to papers citing NIH funding.
  2. Including in the search the name of the state or country (e.g. California[ad] or Germany[ad]), or an institution (e.g. Davis[ad]) limits the search to papers published by authors in a specific geographic location