Public Diplomacy Section

The  Public Diplomacy Section PDS is responsible for the Embassy’s media relations and educational and cultural exchange programs. PDS works closely with Portuguese professional, governmental, educational and cultural institutions and individuals to promote dialogue and sustained interchange between the U.S. and Portugal through conferences, lectures, workshops and professional study and orientation visits. As part of this role, the PDS officers serve as the Embassy’s official press spokespersons.

PDS maintains the Embassy web page and a Resource Center which provides information support to Embassy officers, Portuguese government offices, and the Portuguese public.

Public diplomacy is the conduct of foreign relations directly with the citizens of a country, rather than with officials of a country’s foreign ministry. Embassy Lisbon’s Public Diplomacy Section, builds public understanding and support in Portugal for America’s priorities. In Portugal we communicate with the public via television, radio, newspapers, the web and social media.

The Public Diplomacy Section also develops and manages an array of exchange programs between various segments of Portuguese and American society, and administers United States government involvement in cultural and educational activities between Portugal and the United States, including Fulbright.

American Speakers and Specialists

The American Embassy recruits and funds U.S. speakers and specialists on the basis of their expertise on a specific topic to travel overseas to lecture, serve as consultants and/or to participate in workshops and seminars with local audiences. Speakers include government officials, academics, writers, business persons, and artists and musicians.

Outreach Events

PDS can also help organize outreach events such as a group visit to the Embassy or bring Embassy diplomats out to Portuguese audiences. For more detailed information on this issue, please visit the Embassy Speakers program in this site.