Entrepreneur Jamail Larkins in Portugal

Jamail Larkins at Ciência Viva, Sintra. (Photo: US Embassy Lisbon)
Jamail Larkins at Ciência Viva, Sintra.

In association with the American Corners, local schools and a number of other partners, the Embassy put together a traveling speaking program to highlight the excellence in the aviation sector in the United States, the inspiring bio of young African American entrepreneur and aviation enthusiast Jamail Larkins, as well promote entrepreneurship and young people to follow careers in aeronautics and aviation.

Jamail Larkins was scheduled to meet essencially secondary school students and university students as well as researchers and entrepreneurs. In northern Portugal Larkins visited Escola Secundária Carolina Michaelis, Colégio Internato dos Carvalhos, and Escola EB2/3 Bento Carqueja.

Several higher education schools hosted Jamail Larkins like the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) where he visited the Science and Technology Office and the Unmanned Vehicles Lab, the University of Aveiro, the Institute of Education and Science (ISEC), Higher Technical Institute Nova University.

In Sintra, Jamail Larkins talked to an interested audience gathered at Centro de Ciência Viva.