Escola Secundária da Mealhada visited by an American Diplomat

APAO at Mealhada seconday school

On February 14, 2017, American Embassy Assistant Public Affairs Officer, Meg Young, visited Escola Secundária da Mealhada to talk about U.S. Diversity. She was accompanied by Dorian Rosca from Fulbright Commission who was also invited to explain to this group of students about the possibility of continuing their studies in the USA. The 100 11th grade students offered excellent and engaged questions to both speakers.  Questions covered topics ranging from politics, including Presidential elections and Inauguration Day, to the new Administration’s efforts.  The students also had excellent questions about the steps to apply to US Universities, the main differences between Universities and Community Colleges, and summer opportunities to learn and improve English as a Second Language, etc.

At the end of the session many students continued asking more and more questions to both speakers. The entire school community including students, teachers and school-board showed how much they appreciated this visit and how useful it is to improve the learning of English as a second language but also, to promote the exchange of ideas on a variety of pertinent issues not only about the US, but also this globalized world.

To conclude the visit the Embassy left a gift of several books related about the USA, that offer students and teachers information about the United States and increased great opportunities to read in English.