FCT Fab Lab Inaugurated

Ambassador Sherman at the inauguration of FCT FabLab

On October 28, Nova University’s Faculty of Science and Technology (FCT-Nova) inaugurated the “FCT Fab Lab – Powered by U.S. Embassy” as an expansion of the American Corners program at FCT-NOVA.

The Fab Lab concept was developed at MIT through a course named “How to do (almost) anything,” and  Labs consist of a set of digital fabrication tools for rapid prototyping.  At the FCT Fab Lab you can find and use, free of charge: computers and programming software, 3D scanners and printers, milling machines, laser cutters, vinyl cutter machines, and electronics workbenches.  There is also work and collaborative space.

The inauguration ceremony was hosted by the Dean of Nova University’s Faculty of Science and Technology, Professor Fernando Santana, the Rector of Nova University, Professor António Rendas, and attended by the President of the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, Professor Paulo Ferrão. The new space was jointly inaugurated by Ambassador Robert Sherman and the Secretary of State for Science, Technology and Higher Education, Professor Fernanda Rollo.

The new Fab Lab is an expansion of our relationship with FCT-Nova which already hosts one American Corner (AC) and an AC – Digital Innovation Center, where you can also find equipment and resources for rapid 3D design and printing, and learn how to design and create new projects.

We at the embassy hope that the new resources made available at the FCT Fab Lab will help students and faculty to achieve success in their academic and professional pursuits, and especially help all turning ideas into a reality.  So, you are invited to use the Fab Lab to develop your skills and become the creator and innovator of tomorrow!

Images of this event can be found here: http://ow.ly/9hPf306jrvQ