Feast. Fury. Femina. – Works from FLAD’s Collection

Celebrating 35 years of history for the Luso-American Development Foundation, chargé d’affaires Kristin M. Kane visited the exhibition “Feast. Fury. Femina.” – Works from FLAD’s Collection that marks this anniversary and highlights 228 contemporary works of art from the collection.
From FLAD.pt:
“The exhibition Feast. Fury. Femina. – Works from FLAD´s Collection marks the Luso-American Development Foundation’s 35th anniversary and is almost exclusively composed of works by Portuguese artists. 
Feast. Fury. Femina. is the largest exhibition ever organized using the Foundation´s collection – it contains 228 pieces selected by the curators António Pinto Ribeiro and Sandra Vieira Jürgens, from the 1000 which make up the collection.


The exhibition – a co-production between FLAD and the EDP Foundation/MAAT – is part of a vast archive launched in 1986, comprised mostly of drawings, and includes painting, photography, and sculpture. These works establish dialogues and tensions, invoke diverse socio-historic frameworks, and represent the Portuguese artistic scene since the 80s, as well as a generation of artists that values interdisciplinarity.”

This exhibition is open to the public and can be visited until January 25, 2021, at MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology, in Belém.