Herro Mustafa at Salesianos in Estoril

On January 19, 2018 Deputy Chief of Mission, Herro Mustafa spoke to a group of 11th  and 12th  graders at Salesianos do Estoril.  Ms. Mustafa was greeted by  Prof. Hugo Carvalho, the cordinating teacher, and Prof. Nelson Silva, as a member of the school board and Head Representative of Secondary students as well as two young women who are refugees from Syria.  The program began with a look at “American Herro” a documentary movie about Ms. Mustafa’s remarkable life story which goes from her as a child fleeing with her parents from Kurdish Iraq as a refugee to her growing up in North Dakota and eventually becoming the first Kurdish American diplomat. Ms. Mustafa shared her own Eight Lessons on How to Be a Good Leader with the audience.   Ms. Mustafa gave the school a collection of English language books about the U.S. for their library.