Indiana Agricultural Leadership Program visits U.S. Embassy

The IALSAP group at the Embassy.

On February 26, 2018 a group of working professionals from the Indiana Agricultural Leadership’s Study Abroad Program visited the Embassy to learn in detail how an American Embassy works and to gain an understanding of the general economic, trade, cultural, political and social environment existing in Portugal and Spain. This group was welcomed by the Assistant Public Affairs Officer, Meg Young, who spoke about the overall structure of the Embassy and the Mission’s key priorities. Other representatives from the Economic Section and the Foreign Commercial Service also participated focusing more on economic, business and trade relationship between the U.S. and Portugal. Rachel Bickford, the U.S. Agricultural Attaché for Spain and Portugal had the opportunity to travel from Madrid to Lisbon and join the session to provide very specific data on the agricultural field for Portugal and Spain, which was very much appreciated by all the participants.