J-1 Photo Contest

Jorge Sousa, Portuguese citizen and J-1 for post-doctoral research at Stanford University in California, with his wife Clara Garcia Sanchez, Spanish citizen and J-1 for post-doctoral research at Carnegie Institution for Science in Palo Alto, California

J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program Photo Contest Winner 2018, Jorge Fernandes Lopes de Sousa:

“We often have the chance to enjoy the scenic views that the state of California has to offer. We are grateful for the opportunity that the J-1 visa granted us.”

The winning entry was just one of many outstanding photos we received from Portuguese J-1 Visa Exchange Visitors for the 2017-2018 photo contest. To see some of the other great  contest entries, follow the link below.


J-1 Visa Exchange Visitor Program

Portuguese can participate in a wide range of professional, cultural, and academic exchange programs in the United States through the J-1 visa. Find out what program is best for you and how to apply at the program website.


Annual J-1 Photo Contest

All J-1 Exchange Visitors! We want you to share your trip!

If you are a recent J-1 Exchange Visitor, please enter the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon’s J-1 Photo Contest. Send a high resolution photo of you enjoying your American experience and help us spread the word about American cultural and educational programs.  We will post the best entries on our website and social media. The winning entry will be framed and displayed in the waiting room.the winner will have the opportunity to attend an event with the U.S. Ambassador to Portugal.

All entries for this year’s contest must be submitted by May 31, 2019. Photo entries must be high resolution – no screenshots or filters please! Include a brief description and be certain you are in the photo! Please send entries to visaslisbon@state.gov.

Stay connected and check out entries we receive throughout the year here: