Joint Statement of Visiting U.S. Ambassadors Expressing Support for Israel

[US Ambassadors to Israel, the EU, France, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland, and the Special Envoy to Combat Antisemitsm]

Enough is enough!

Over the past 36 hours Israel has suffered from a barrage of over 600 rockets and mortars fired indiscriminately by terrorists in ‎Gaza.  This barrage has come from civilian areas in Gaza and is aimed at civilian centers in Israel, demontrating once again a cynical readiness to risk the lives and futures of the people of Gaza as well as those of the Israeli people.

The sole aim of these terrorists is to kill, maim and terrorize citizens of Israel. These actions by Hamas and Islamic Jihad are simply unconscionable. No other nation on Earth would tolerate this.  Can one imagine rockets falling on Washington, Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Bern or Lisbon today without an appropriately strong reaction?

We affirm Israel’s right to defend itself and urge all nations to call these actions out for what they are – terrorism pure and simple.