Junior Achievement Leaders for a Day

Leaders for a Day reception at the Ambassador's residence

As part of the overall youth and entrepreneurship outreach, the Embassy sponsored Junior Achievement’s Leaders For A Day initiative. On November 22nd, 26 youths shadowed business leaders, including U.S. Ambassador Robert Sherman, benefiting from the experience of their working day. At the end of the day, students and leaders exchanged their experiences on career and skills development during a debriefing followed by a reception at the US Ambassador’s Residence.

This event marks the Embassy’s third co-sponsored event with Junior Achievement and I am thrilled that it has been a great partnership” said Ambassador Sherman.  Adding, “My ‘shadow’ Pedro Pinheiro was incredible. It is such a pleasure to get to spend time with young people who are so engaged and passionate about what they are doing, and to help JA provide programs that teach the skills required to run a business and help participants develop their own entrepreneurial spirit!”

The Leader’s For A Day program is designed to offer promising young people opportunities to see how senior executives work in different professions as well as introduce the business world to some of the remarkable students who completed the JA Company Program or JA Start Up Program.

This initiative aims to inspire young people and encourage mentoring opportunities between students and experienced professionals. Youth benefit from this experience to expand their network and better position themselves to enter the labor market. Studies have shown that students who have contact with employers while in school are more likely to be employed and 3-6 times less likely to be jobless.

“This is a unique and possibly first-time opportunity for these young people to spend a day with a senior leader” according to Erica Nascimento, CEO of JA. “It helps demystify the working world and because they’ve earned their entrepreneurial skills at school with JA’s programs, they have important experience to share with the leader as well. Actions like Leader’s For A Day leave a lasting impact on both sides.”