Kim Sawyer at the Inspiring Women conference

Stanton Chase HR lunch on women's entrepreneurial leadership

Stanton Chase Portugal organized on September 28 its seventh HR Lunch under the theme “Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership.” Kim Sawyer, entrepreneur and wife of the U.S. Ambassador to Portugal, delivered the keynote address at the Inspiring Women conference. During this event, there were also debates on new trends in gender management and women’s presence in leading positions in companies. Kim Sawyer addressed inequality in managerial positions and spoke of the advantages of creating flexible conditions and offering specific benefits to women, so that they can manage their professional and personal lives and occupy positions with greater responsibilities.

Sawyer, who is also responsible for promoting Connect to Success, appealed for more companies to support this program which aims to support women-owned companies. José Bancaleiro, Managing Partner at Stanton Chase, explained that the theme of this lunch was selected since gender diversity is one of the main concerns among CEOs and HR directors, as well as due to the fact that Kim Sawyer, through her initiatives in the U.S. and Portugal, has been making a noteworthy effort to promote entrepreneurship and women in top managerial positions.