NASA Scientist in Portugal to talk about Jupiter and its Moons

The U.S. Embassy has invited NASA planetary scientist Jared Espley to visit Portugal between April 17 and 21 for a series of presentations on “Exploring Jupiter and its moons.”

With a PhD in Physics from Rice University, in Houston, Jared Espley works at the Planetary Magnetospheres Lab at NASA Goddard and at NASA Headquarters he is the program scientist for the Juno mission.

In the greater Lisbon area, Jared Espley will visit the Science and Technology Foundation, IST University, and the NOVA University Faculty of Science and Technology, as well as the Education and Science Institute.

The visit also includes presentations at the DARK SKY Reserve Alqueva, as well as at Critical Software in Coimbra, at the Aveiro University, Minho University and the Porto University Faculty of Sciences.

Towards the end of his stay in Portugal, Espley will be in São Miguel, where he will visit the University of the Azores and the Santana Astronomical Observatory.

 Media outlets interested in receiving more information should contact the U.S. Embassy Press Office at 21 770 2439 or by e-mail to