Remote Year group at the Embassy

Remote Year participants

On October 17, 2017, the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon welcomed a group of professionals who are living in Lisbon for approximately 5 weeks, and are participating in the Remote Year program.

This group of professionals participating on this program are working and living abroad for a year.  They have reached out to request a briefing focused on the challenges and opportunities of working and living abroad and business opportunities for Americans wanting to work or start businesses overseas, with a specific focus on Portugal.

The group of twenty-two professionals from diverse backgrounds were welcomed by Assistant Public Affairs Officer Meg Young. They received an embassy briefing from RSO and CONS representatives about Living Abroad and Security, and from ECON and FCS about Doing Business in Portugal. They learned about the different roles played by each one of the speakers, but also about the Department of State and the possibility of joining the State Department as Diplomats.

The visit to the Embassy, was very much appreciated by the group since it was such an important and unique experience for them.