School outreach in Funchal

Session at Clube Europeu Funchal

On March 6, 2017 Assistant PAO, Meg Young visited Escola EB 2,3 Dr. Horácio Bento Gouveia in Funchal, Madeira Island to talk about “Multiculturalism in the USA.” The 9th graders offered excellent and engaged questions and showed a particular interest in the differences among various U.S. States.

At the end of the session and with a lot of enthusiasm several students asked questions to Ms. Young about studying abroad in the United States.  English teacher and organizer, Susana Caldeira expressed her appreciation for this visit and highlighted how important and useful it is to have people from English speaking countries come and speak directly with students.  She noted that this sort of interaction improves and promotes the learning of English as a second language. This session also offered the students the opportunity to engage with an American Diplomat on key current issues facing the US and the world.

Ms. Young brought gifts for the students and English language materials about the U.S. for the school’s library and in class use with students.