Statement on the Death of George Floyd

The U.S. Embassy in Lisbon shares the anger and grief felt by so many in our nation and in Portugal over the death of Mr. George Floyd. The United States’ justice system is taking action to seek accountability for Mr. Floyd’s tragic death, including through ongoing investigations at the federal and state levels.

We condemn racial discrimination, and Mr. Floyd’s death is a tragic reminder of our nation’s long journey to become a more just and equal society. Though these challenges are difficult to address, open societies like the United States are strengthened through the debates produced by our citizens exercising their right to free speech and held accountable through freedom of the press and rule of law. We support the rights of all who wish to peacefully express their views.

The United States is proud of the role we have played in defending and advancing human rights and fundamental freedoms around the world.  Governments that take human rights seriously are transparent and welcome conversations about addressing concerns and making improvements.