Message for U.S. Citizens: Security Alert

The U.S. government remains concerned that terrorists are intent on targeting U.S. citizens, including children.  Terrorists may employ a variety of tactics, such as violent assaults and kidnappings.  In the past they have used knives, guns, and vehicles as ramming devices.  They may target schools, hospitals, churches, tourist locations, transportation hubs, and other public venues. ... Read More»

Message for U.S. Citizens: Demonstration Alert – Lisbon

Location:  Announced gathering point includes, but is not limited to, Largo Camões in the Chiado neighborhood of Lisbon. Event:  Demonstration on events in Syria expected to take place on April 19, 2018 beginning at 6:00 p.m.  Additional demonstrations in Portugal may also be planned. Actions to Take: Avoid the areas of the demonstrations Exercise caution ... Read More»

Message for U.S. Citizens: Voting in 2018 U.S. Elections

Your vote counts! Did you know that many U.S. elections for house and senate seats have been decided by a margin smaller than the number of ballots cast by absentee voters? All states are required to count every absentee ballot as long as it is valid and reaches local election officials by the absentee ballot ... Read More»
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