Tyler DeWitt: “Science Can Be Fun!”

Tyler DeWitt at IST Lisbon. (Photo: IST)
Tyler DeWitt at IST Lisbon.

In partnership with the American Corners Portugal network, the American Embassy Lisbon promoted the visit to Portugal of microbiologist Tyler DeWitt for a series of talks at Porto, Aveiro, FCT-Nova and IST universities as well as at ExpoLab, in the Azores. DeWitt’s presentation was entitled “Psst: Hey, you want some of this DNA?”

A PhD in Microbiology from MIT, DeWitt studies how bacteria transfer pieces of DNA to their neighbors. Tyler DeWitt recognizes that textbooks are not the way to get young people interested in science and in his presentation he stresses that science can be taught and even popular among students by making it fun and fantastical. Each talk was followed by a Q&A session with the audience that included students and educators.