Older Traveler Information

Welcome to Portugal!

More and more U.S. citizens are traveling or living abroad after they retire.  Some are experienced adventure travelers, and for some it’s a first ever international trip.  As an older traveler, you may face challenges related to health, federal benefits, or emergency services while abroad.  If it’s your first trip or your hundredth, we have some reminders you should consider:

Enroll in STEP!

A smart way to maintain your emergency contact information is to enroll with the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP).

Health information

Medicare does not work overseas.  If you haven’t purchased medical insurance, you should consider it.

Many companies offer short-term health and emergency assistance policies to cover health care expenses overseas, including emergency services such as medical evacuations.  We highly recommend obtaining health insurance to cover emergency medical and dental treatment and medical evacuation to the United States.


Outsmart scammers abroad by learning their tricks before you travel. Click below to visit www.travel.state.gov/destination  and check out the “Local Laws & Special Circumstances” for information specific to your destination.

Financial Information

It’s good to know the currency rates and understand the financial system in Portugal.  Inform your bank or credit card company that you are overseas so that they do not freeze your account. Ask if your bank has any international banking partners where you can safely deposit or withdraw funds as needed.

Prepare for Emergencies

Give a copy of your emergency contact information and a copy of your passport with family or trusted friends.  Carry emergency contact information with you when you travel.  Your passport has an emergency contact section; fill it out.

More information available at: http://travel.state.gov/oldertravelers