Renunciation Oath Scheduled

Following your initial interview and the confirmation you still wish to renounce your U.S. citizenship, your renunciation oath has been scheduled. Your personal appearance at the Embassy is required. Please note that only the renunciant will be allowed access into our premises.

You must now submit the following original documents:

  • Your most recent passport book and/or passport card;
  • Your most recent NEXUS, SENTRI or GLOBAL ENTRY card, if applicable;
  • Your proof of citizenship:
    • U.S. birth certificate
    • Certificate of Naturalization OR;
    • Consular Report of Birth Abroad OR;
    • Certificate of Citizenship
  • Your Social Security (SSA) card;
  • Your foreign passport;
  • If you changed your name since the issuance of your last U.S. passport, please submit proof of your legal name change.

*** IMPORTANT NOTE: if you come unprepared or with documentation missing, your oath will NOT be taken and the appointment will be rescheduled ***

  • Payment: please confirm the current renunciation fee at – you can pay in credit or cash. Debit or “Multibanco” are NOT accepted.
  • Your renunciation certificates must be mailed. Please bring a pre-addressed pre-paid envelope AND stamps/postage in the amount of 2 euros to pay for the registration. You can purchase both in any CTT (local Postal services) office throughout the country.