Passport Services

Citizens can complete their applications online, print a copy and bring it to the American Citizen Services Unit at the U.S. Embassy Lisbon or the Consulate in Ponta Delgada for faster processing. The Passport Application Wizard provides step-by-step instructions for completing the appropriate form, estimating payment and printing. ONLY BLACK INK IS ACCEPTABLE.

Check your U.S. Passport Application Status here:

After completing the passport application online, please be sure you have all required documentation before making an appointment with the American Citizen Services Unit. You NEED to schedule an appointment to submit applications. You may schedule your appointment in Lisbon  or in Ponta Delgada.  If you are renewing your passport, be sure to check the requirements because you may be able to renew by mail without having to visit the Embassy or the Consulate.

All passport services will require one 5cm x 5cm (2in x 2in) photo on a white background. There is a photo booth at the Embassy that will generate two photos for 5 euros.

Why was my passport photo rejected?

We accept payment in the form of cash, credit card or Portuguese postal money order. We do not accept personal checks or Multibanco cards. Current information about our consular fees.

Except in emergencies, U.S. passports are produced at facilities within the United States. It generally takes about three weeks from the time you apply at the American Citizen Services Unit to the time you receive your passport. We can send your passport to you by mail in Portugal; however, you need to provide a local Post Office registered pre-paid envelope (“Correio Registado” format C5 for 100g) with stamps for 0.80 euros or a “Correio Verde” / “Correio Azul” envelope with stamps for 1.70 euros (one per applicant).

Under the Portuguese Immigration law, foreign minors under 18 years of age entering or exiting Portugal must be in possession of an authorization letter of parental consent to travel, if travelling with adults other than their parent/s or legal guardians. The document must be signed and dated, with the signature(s) certified by a notary. The letter of parental consent to travel must include the dates and reason for travel and the details of an adult who will be responsible for the child.

Please read information posted by the Portuguese Immigration