Effective February 1, 2023:

Please note: rates are subject to change without notification and/or updates to this page. Further, due to implementation timelines, sometimes exchange rate differences may be post-dated.  Official exchange rates are set by the Department of State.

As of April 1st 2023, Embassy Lisbon will discontinue the acceptance of CTT local money orders/vale postal.

  USD  Euros
Passport Application Fees
DS-82: Adult Passport Renewal / Second Passport $130.00 *
DS-11: Minor Passports (under age 16) $135.00 €129.00
DS-11: First Time Adult Applicant (age 16 and over) $165.00 €158.00
DS-11: Replacement of Lost/Stolen Passport or Passport issued over 15 years ago $165.00 €158.00
Passport Card
Adult Applicant (age 16 and over)  $30.00 €29.00**
Minor Applicant (under age 16)  $15.00 €15.00
Notary Services
Each Seal/Notary signature  $50.00 €48.00
Certification of a True Copy  $50.00 €48.00
Other Services
Consular Report of Birth Abroad – Child born in Portugal $100.00 ***
Consular Report of Birth Abroad – Child born in a country other than Portugal $235.00 €224.00
Renunciation of U.S. Citizenship $2,350.00 €2,233.00

Effective February 1, 2023

*  Must be paid online using pay.gov . Please include the payment confirmation page in your application package. Only adult applicants are eligible to pay online. Passport renewals for minor applicants must be paid in person.

** If applying for an adult passport card please contact us at conslisbon@state.gov for specific payment instructions.

*** Must be paid online during the eCRBA submission. Instructions here.

NOTE: all consular fees are non-refundable regardless of the final adjudicative decision.