Lost or Stolen Passports

If you are visiting Portugal, your passport was lost or stolen, and you need to travel imminently, our American Citizen Services (ACS) team stands ready to help you obtain an EMERGENCY U.S. PASSPORT.   However, due to space constraints, the U.S. Embassy accepts applications by appointment only to replace passports that have been lost, stolen, or damaged. Please complete the following book:

  • Emergency Passport Appointments: Request an appointment here.
    • Usually scheduled within one to two business days, same or next-day printing.
    • If approved, you will be issued an emergency, limited-validity passport (generally valid for 3 months).
    • Examples of emergencies include passports that are lost or stolen on vacation, urgent medical travel, and other travel emergencies caused by unforeseen events.
  • Standard Lost/Stolen Passport Appointments: Request an appointment here.
    • If you live in Portugal or can wait 1-2 months for a passport, we recommend scheduling an appointment for a full-validity passport.

Applying for an Emergency U.S. Passport is Easy:

  1. For a stolen passport, go to the Portuguese tourist police and file a police report.
  2. Complete and print your forms with the Passport Application Wizard.
  3. Request an Emergency APPOINTMENT
  4. At your appointment you will be asked for three things:
      • Completed DS -11 (unsigned, from Applicant Wizard)
      • Completed DS – 64 STATEMENT,
      • 2” x 2” (5x5cm) color PHOTOS available at most metro or train stations
      • Payment for the $165 fee in cash or credit card (checks, debit cards, and Multibanco cards are not accepted)

NOTE: If you are travelling to France be advised that the 12 page US emergency passport is NOT recognized as valid for entry by French authorities.

A U.S. passport is a valuable document not only for the rightful bearer. Therefore, always report the loss or theft of a U.S. passport to the local police authorities to avoid identity theft.