Passport Renewals


  1. Completed DS-82 application from the Passport Application Wizard.
  2. One photo measuring 5cm x 5cm. The background of the photo must be white. No glasses.
  3. Applicant’s current passport
  4. Appropriate fee
  5. A local Post Office pre-paid envelope (“Correio Verde” / “Correio Azul”, and stamps for 1.75 euros to pay for the registration (one per applicant). Please note you must pre-address the envelope with your name and address.

You can renew BY MAIL if all of the following apply:

  1. You submit your most recent undamaged passport;
  2. You received your most recent passport within the past 15 years;
  3. You were over age 16 when your last passport was issued;
  4. You have the same name or can legally document your name change.

The above items can be sent by mail to:

Embaixada Americana
American Citizen Services
Avenida das Forças Armadas
1649-044 Lisboa

If you have changed your name by marriage or divorce, you may apply for a new passport to be issued in your new name. We no longer amend passports. You will need to submit documentary evidence such as a court order, marriage or divorce certificate, or other satisfactory evidence to support a change of name. Only originals or certified copies will be accepted.