U.S. Embassy Supports Farmers Affected by Fires

Ambassador Sherman at João Bento Raimundo Foundation.

After the wild fires that struck Portugal this summer, the United States is providing some disaster relief assistance to those affected by the fires. Through the U.S. Office of Disaster Assistance, the Embassy donated $50,000 to support the work of various NGOs including Caritas which is using the funds to provide feed for farmers who lost grazing lands for their animals.  This action is very important to help encourage the local population to remain in the area.

U.S. Ambassador to Portugal Robert Sherman was in São Pedro do Sul accompanied by Economic and Political Counselor Gregory Macris to see where this this project was being implemented and visit areas most affected by the fire that ravaged the region over the summer.

After leaving S. Pedro do Sul, the Ambassador paid an official visit to Guarda and Belmonte. In Guarda the Ambassador met with Mayor Álvaro Santos Amaro and visited the João Bento Raimundo Foundation. In Belmonte, a town with a large Jewish community and museum, he met with Mayor António Dias Rocha.