U.S. Speaker Alyse Schoenfeldt at the 33rd APPI Conference

The U.S. Embassy co-sponsored with the Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês (APPI) the participation of Alyse Schoenfeldt, Doctor of Education, Educational Leadership, from Florida Atlantic University, as a keynote speaker and presenter at the 33rd annual conference of the national Association of English Teachers. The conference was a 3-day event held at ISCTE, in Lisbon, and the theme was “Building Connections.”

The Embassy has been a proud supporter of APPI’s annual conference, which is the largest gathering of teachers of English in Portugal.  The conference is an excellent opportunity to provide elementary and secondary teachers with high quality, updated information to be put to practice in the exercise of their profession.

Public Affairs Officer Todd Miyahira also spoke about the opportunities the U.S. Department of State offers to teachers of English and students, including resources on the American English website, the “Forum” publication on English teaching, the Embassy speakers program, and paid exchange programs in the United States for teachers and students.