U.S. Speaker Lottie Baker at APPI Conference

APPI annual meeting was held in Aveiro. (Photo: US Embassy)The Embassy supported the participation of Lottie Baker, Visiting Assistant Professor, Curriculum and Pedagogy Graduate School of Education & Human Development, The George Washington University, as a keynote speaker and presenter at the 30th annual conference of the national Association of English Teachers (APPI). The conference was held in Aveiro, April 22-24, and the theme was ‘Global Understanding – Strategies for the classroom’.

Lottie Baker presented a well-attended session entitled “Beyond English Skills: Nurturing Global Competence in Language Classrooms”. She also ran a workshop about “Instructional Strategies for Global Citizenship in English Classrooms” in which participants interacted with strategies and considered ways they might adapt to their teaching contexts.

Assistant Public Affairs Officer Meg Young helped open the conference by presenting on the many tools available from the U.S. Department of State to assist teachers and learners of English. Learn more about these tools at americanenglish.state.gov.

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