Upcoming Elections for Federal Office

The following states have elections for federal office in the next 90 days:

P- Presidential Primary; S- State Primary; D- District Primary; T- Territory Primary; R- State Runoff**; SP- Special Primary Election; SG- Special General Election

*Dates subject to change.

**Please note, State Runoffs that are referenced will be held, only if necessary.

February 2024:
February 13th: New York CD3 (SG); February 24th: South Carolina (P) – Republican; *February 27th: Michigan (P).

March 2024 – 30 Day Notice:

March 5th:
*Alabama (P)(S); Arkansas (P)(S); California (P); Colorado (P); Maine (P); Massachusetts (P); Minnesota (P); North Carolina (P)(S); Oklahoma (P); Tennessee (P); Texas (P)(S); Utah (P); Vermont (P); Virginia (P).

March 12th:
Georgia (P); Mississippi (P)(S); *Washington (P).

March 19th:
Arizona (P); California CD20 (SP); Florida (P); Illinois (P)(S); Kansas (P); Ohio (P)(S).

March 23rd:
Louisiana (P)

April 2024 – 60 Day Notice:

April 2nd:
Arkansas (R); Connecticut (P); Delaware (P); Mississippi (R); New York (P); Rhode Island (P); Wisconsin (P)

April 16th:
*Alabama (R)

April 21st:
*Puerto Rico (P) – Republican

April 23rd:
*Pennsylvania (P)(S)

April 28th:
*Puerto Rico (P) – Democratic

May 2024 – 90 Day Notice:

May 7th:
Indiana (P)(S)

May 14th:
Maryland (P)(S); Nebraska (P)(S); North Carolina (R); West Virginia (P)(S)

May 21st:
California (SG); Georgia (S); Idaho (S); Kentucky (P)(S); Oregon (P)(S)

May 28th:
Texas (R)

Register and request your ballot by your state’s deadline. You can use FVAP’s easy online assistant at www.FVAP.gov/FPCA to walk you through each section of the form. After you finish filling out the FPCA, print it, sign it, and send it to your election office. Most states accept the FPCA by email or fax while some require it by mail. Check your state-specific guidelines at FVAP.gov.

Remember, at home or abroad, your vote counts!


Federal Assistance Voting Program at: FVAP.gov