USS Stout visit to Lisbon open to press

The USS Stout will be in Lisbon next week, and a guided visit for the press will take place on Monday, October 31, at 14:45.

The USS Stout is an Arleigh Burke class destroyer, belongs to the U.S. Navy and has been deployed since May 2016. Its operational history includes missions in the Black Sea and in the Mediterranean Sea.

During its stay in Lisbon, the crew has various activities planned in order to get to know and interact with the local community. Visits to the Ronald McDonald House and to the ATL Galiza (center for after school activities) are planned. In each of the visits, ten members of the crew will be doing volunteer work to help these institutions.

The U.S. stands together with our NATO Allies to maintain a safe, secure and prosperous European region and global security environment. Engagements such as these strengthen the bonds between the U.S. and our NATO Allies as we work toward mutual goals.

For more information about the ship and crew:

Journalists interested in participating in the guided visit must, by COB today, October 28, contact the Embassy press office by e-mail or telephone 21 770 3439.