Women 2 Women Conference

Competition for the Women2Women conference 2018 is closed
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Deadline: April 16, 2018


The U.S. Embassy in Lisbon is pleased to announce a fully funded exchange opportunity for young women, ages 14-19.  This summer the Women2Women conference will take place in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States, July 19-28, 2018. All participants’ costs will be supported by the U.S. Embassy in Lisbon.  Applications are due April 16, 2018.

Women2Women (W2W) builds a network of promising young women from around the globe, and engages them in the issues that define their lives and provides them with the tools, relationships and opportunities required to lead. Up to 100 promising, emerging female leaders from around the world will participate in an educational training program designed to provide them with enhanced leadership skills, while challenging them to develop and implement a collaborative civic engagement action plan in their communities.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn about the current status of women and girls around the world, as well as the social and economic progress that is possible when women and girls have the opportunity to participate fully in every aspect of society.  You will meet with leading figures tackling these challenges on an international scale, and develop your leadership skills so you can make a difference.  Perhaps most importantly, you will be joining a lifelong, global network of young women who support each other and work together to contribute to positive change around the world.

The conference will include: team-building activities; seminars and workshops with prominent leaders doing important work in government, media, business, science and technology, and non-profit; leadership development exercises and skill-building; outreach events with other youth and community leaders; and cultural activities.  Participants are required to partake in all conference activities. Participants must have a strong ability to speak and understand English.

Key Elements of the program

>> The Leader in You

This workshop will focus on defining leadership and will give delegates a clear vision of what it means to be an effective leader. Delegates will gain a clear understanding of the different types of leadership, and will determine their own leadership style and how it gives them a unique advantage when pursuing their goals.

>> Women as Agents of Change

Women around the world continue to make great strides toward equality. Unfortunately the percentage of women in positions of authority remains below their male counterparts. “Women as Agents of Change” will engage delegates in a discussion about the critical role women play in shaping our societies. This discussion will help set the tone for the conference and provide delegates with a full understanding of the importance of having women in leadership positions in all fields.

>> The Art of Negotiation

Negotiation is a core leadership skill. Being a skilled negotiator can provide individuals with the confidence to ask for what they need and the ability to get results. During this workshop, delegates will learn the practical skills and strategies of negotiation

Nominees should have the following abilities/interests:

  • learn about other cultures, religions, and countries
  • interest political science/government, world events, media/journalism, community activism and/or business
  • be active in community service activities and/or extracurricular activities
  • be willing and able to work with a variety of individuals and teams from many different cultures, backgrounds and religion
  • demonstrate solid leadership qualities and abilities
  • make the most of this opportunity and share their experiences with others in their schools and communities when they return home

Candidate Qualifications
a. Portuguese citizenship
b. Live in Portugal
c. Be between 14 and 19 years of age as of July 1, 2018
d. Highly proficient in English, as demonstrated in a personal interview
e. Committed to enrolling in high school or university in fall 2018, following completion of the conference
f. Demonstrate strong interest in leadership potential, and interest in transatlantic relations and diplomacy
g. Indicate a serious interest in learning about the United States
h. Be ready to share their culture with their peers and mentors
i. Sustained high level of academic achievement, as indicated by academic grades, awards, and teacher recommendations
j. Demonstrate a commitment to community and extracurricular activities
k. Have had little or no prior U.S. study or travel experience in the United States
l. Be mature, responsible, independent, confident, open-minded, tolerant, thoughtful and inquisitive
m. Willing and able to fully participate in an intensive summer program, community service, and active educational travel program
n. Comfortable with campus life, shared living accommodations, travel and interaction with a multinational, coed group of participants from around the globe
o. Able to adjust to cultural and social practices different from those of their home countries

Complete application (https://pt.usembassy.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/185/W2W-Application-2018.pdf) should be sent to the U.S. Embassy Lisbon, OPALisbon@state.gov, with the subject line W2W application, no later than April 16, 2018.